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Effective financial intelligence, risk and compliance training forms the cornerstone of any organisation’s governance regime. Basic anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing training covers the fundamentals. Yet, as recent billion-dollar settlements have shown, basic training is no longer sufficient to protect organisations from the wrath of regulators or governments. Supervisory agencies, banking regulators and business stakeholders expect a more sophisticated approach to training staff on the latest trends and developments.

ManchesterCF offers three streams of financial intelligence training programs for financial institutions, public-sector agencies and multinational corporations. Developed by professionals from both the private and public sectors, ManchesterCF training programs place practical knowledge into the hands of course participants. Our regularly updated courses are designed from a global perspective and draw from case studies, regulatory reports and developments in international financial markets.

Participation in the FCT, FINTEL and CCT series from ManchesterCF equips financial-sector and business professionals with the tools necessary to maintain an effective compliance regime and truly implement the risk-based approach.

International Banking

The Financial Crime Training (FCT) series from ManchesterCF was created for a range of business lines within financial institutions to show how the international financial system can be manipulated by organised crime and terrorist entities. Click here to learn more.

Financial Intelligence Units

The Financial Intelligence Unit Training (FINTEL) series of programs from ManchesterCF was created for financial intelligence units in both the private and public sectors. Click here to learn more.

Multinational Corporations

The Corporate Compliance Training (CCT) series from ManchesterCF can protect your organisation by bolstering the knowledge and resources of the compliance function. Click here to learn more.

Online Delivery

ManchesterCF provides online financial intelligence training programs to financial institutions, public-sector agencies and multinational corporations.

Digital course components hosted on this platform include:

  • Textbook |click to view
  • Computer-based training (customisable and SCORM-compliant) | click to view
  • Examination
  • Reference library

Once registered, users can access the training materials with their own login ID and password to deepen their knowledge of AML/ATF compliance.

Individuals may also apply for access to ManchesterCF’s online financial intelligence training through FINTEL Online. Click here to learn more.

Expert Tester Program

To ensure that financial institutions, public-sector agencies and multinational corporations receive the most current, accurate and applicable financial intelligence training available, ManchesterCF offers the Expert Tester Program.

ManchesterCF’s training programs are maintained under a continuous-delivery philosophy, with frequent updates to incorporate changes in regulations, guidelines, practices and the impact of current events.

ManchesterCF always seeks to incorporate the collective intelligence of subject matter experts in this domain. The Expert Tester Program ensures that a select group of industry professionals around the world have access to all the programs hosted by our learning management system. Over Skype and email, feedback and suggestions are catalogued by ManchesterCF so they can be applied to future program releases.

There are no set schedules nor prerequisites for product releases. Should material changes occur within the marketplace and be recognised by both Expert Tester Program participants and ManchesterCF, then the new information will be incorporated in the appropriate training programs as soon as possible.

ManchesterCF Microtraining

Time constraints and geographic dispersion can make it impossible for compliance staff to engage in meaningful dialogue and professional development regarding financial crime. However, collaborative learning environments can inform employees about their AML/ATF obligations and reinforce primary aspects of their organisation’s compliance regime.

Based on a single learning objective, these short animations break down complex concepts and ideas to assist learning. In a quick and accessible format, the ManchesterCF Microtraining videos support the broader content of our training programs. These videos can be accessed through ManchesterCF’s online learning management system.

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