Financial Crime Training

The Financial Crime Training (FCT) series from ManchesterCF was created for a range of business lines within financial institutions to show how the international financial system can be manipulated by organised crime and terrorist entities.

Through computer-based training and digital textbooks, the courses in this series provide comprehensive guidance on how to identify patterns of possible financial crime. Sophisticated financial intelligence training demonstrates to regulators that the financial institution is investing in its compliance regime.

Financial Crime Training Trade-Based Money Laundering Cover Image

Trade-Based Money Laundering:

The FCT (Trade-Based Money Laundering) program provides training on how financial institutions can spot patterns of money laundering and terrorist financing in international trade. More >

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Correspondent Banking:

The FCT (Correspondent Banking) program is designed for correspondent banking sales, payments operations, risk management, audit and AML compliance staff to strengthen their defences against financial crime. More >

Financial Crime Training in Private Banking Cover Image

Private Banking:

The FCT (Private Banking) program is designed to place critical knowledge into the hands of private bankers to recognise the potential patterns of financial crime. More >

Financial Crime Training in Capital Markets Cover Image

Capital Markets:

The FCT (Capital Markets) program provides in-depth training to front office and back office staff on recognising and defending against financial crime vulnerabilities. More >


Front Office Training

The streamlined courses in ManchesterCF’s Front Office Training (FOT) series provide front office employees at international banks with business-specific anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing training.

ManchesterCF has streamlined its computer-based training so line-of-business staff can recognise suspicious activity and alert the compliance function. Without this training, suspicious activity may go undetected putting the financial institution at risk.

The FOT series can be implemented with the following components:

  • Full digital textbook
  • Streamlined computer-based training (customisable and SCORM-compliant)
  • Streamlined examination
  • Multiple languages

For more information download the FOT series overview sheet.

Front Office Training Trade-Based Money Laundering Computer-Based Training Cover Image

Trade-Based Money Laundering:

The FOT (Trade-Based Money Laundering) program provides training to front office employees so that the suspicious use of trade finance products and services can be detected and reported. More >

CBT FOT Correspondent Banking Cover TN

Correspondent Banking:

The FOT (Correspondent Banking) program provides front office staff with red-flag indicators to help spot instances where correspondent banking operations and products are vulnerable to financial crime. More >

Front Office Training in Private Banking Computer-Based Training Cover Image

Private Banking:

The FOT (Private Banking) program is designed to equip front office employees with an understanding of how private banking products and services can be used by money launderers and financiers of terrorism. More >.

Front Office Training in Capital Markets Computer-Based Training Cover Image

Capital Markets:

The FOT (Capital Markets) program provides training to front office staff so that they can spot warning signs and help their institutions defend against financial crime in international capital markets. Sample still to come.

FOT (Corruption) Computer-Based Training


The FOT (Corruption) program is designed to equip front office employees with an understanding of the methods individuals use to place, layer and integrate the proceeds of corruption into the global financial system.

FOT (Economic Sanctions) Computer-Based Training

Economic Sanctions:

The FOT (Economic Sanctions) program is designed to equip front office employees with a general understanding of the purpose of sanctions, the consequences of non-compliance and methods that can be used to detect and mitigate sanctions risk.


ManchesterCF modules are eligible for continuous professional development (CPD) credits from the International Compliance Association. More >

ICA Members can claim 12 CPD credits per completed course in the Financial Crime Training series or the FINTEL series. Three CPD points can be claimed after completing each course in the Front Office Training series.

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ManchesterCF training is eligible for CFCS credits from the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists. More >

ACFCS Members can claim 12 CFCS credits per completed course in the Financial Crime Training series or the FINTEL series. Three CPD credits can be claimed after completing each course in the Front Office Training series.

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FIU Connect

ManchesterCF has developed computer-based training and digital textbooks for international banks and national financial intelligence units, combining them into an online training solution called FIU Connect.

The computer-based training and digital textbooks for four FCT, ten FINTEL and six FOT modules are accessible any time through FIU Connect:

  • FCT/FOT (Trade-Based Money Laundering)
  • FCT/FOT (Correspondent Banking)
  • FCT/FOT (Private Banking)
  • FCT/FOT (Capital Markets)
  • FINTEL (Fundamental AML)
  • FINTEL/FOT (Economic Sanctions)
  • FINTEL/FOT (Corruption)
  • FINTEL (Terrorist Financing & Resourcing)
  • FINTEL (Critical Thinking)
  • FINTEL (Human Trafficking)
  • FINTEL (Report Writing)
  • FINTEL (Environmental Crime)
  • FINTEL (Proliferation Financing)
  • FINTEL (Art & Antiquities)

With their own login ID and password, users can access the training materials to deepen their knowledge of AML/ATF compliance. Digital textbooks serve as useful reading and reference guides to staff engaged in financial crime risk management on a daily basis.

FIU Connect

FIU Connect materials are kept up-to-date by ManchesterCF. Revisions are highlighted and participants are notified of changes, especially after major regulatory events. FIU Connect is hosted on the same learning management system currently used by major financial institutions and top-tier corporations, therefore information technology security is at the highest level.

Pan-global licences are sold to supervised financial institutions on a subscription basis. The number of licensed users that can log into the client’s FIU Connect portal is unlimited at any one time. Every quarter, ManchesterCF produces a client-specific statistical report that outlines usage rates, pass rates and consumption of materials. This information is useful for FIU management to track employee-training rates and can be submitted to regulatory bodies making enquiries on the level of training within a financial institution’s compliance regime. For large financial institutions, materials can be translated into a variety of languages.

Give FIU staff the training they require – FIU Connect. More >

How do I get access to FIU Connect?

ManchesterCF is currently hosting a sample of the FIU Connect online training solution on Course Sites by Blackboard. We are providing access to the environment by request. Please email info@manchestercf.com if you would like to receive access. Once we have created your account, you will receive an email with your username, password and an overview of how to use the site.

What can I do in the FIU Connect sample environment?

The FIU Connect sample environment has been created on the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Learning Management System offered by Course Sites. Once you have an account you can access samples of learning materials such as computer-based training modules, digital textbooks, videos, reference materials and other resources. The FIU Connect sample allows you to experience the entire range of our training offerings, including samples of our assessment and certification tools.

What are the technical requirements for accessing FIU Connect?

Anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a browser can access the site.

In some cases, users who have restricted access to https sites (such as FIU Connect) may be confronted with a privacy warning when they try to log in. Sites using “https” (as opposed to “http”) employ transport layer security to:

  • authenticate the remote computer (eg, coursesites.com);
  • prove your identity to the remote computer;
  • protect the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.

The “s” in “https” is often read as http “secure”. One of the requirements of visiting an https site is that your computer must accept the digital security certificate sent from the remote computer in order to establish a secure connection.

If you receive a privacy warning, that means the certificate issued by DigiCert High Assurance CA-3 for coursesites.com is not being accepted on your end. It is possible that your information security team has disabled your ability to import/export certificates and you are advised to consult with them in order to gain access.


ManchesterCF’s FINTEL Online series provides individuals with quick access to FIU Connect modules. Participation in ManchesterCF’s online training programs equips financial-sector and business professionals with the tools necessary to advance their financial intelligence knowledge and truly implement the risk-based approach. More >

FINTEL Online Training
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