Fundamental AML

Financial institutions and financial intelligence units are under intense pressure from supervisory bodies to comply with AML and ATF regulations.

Those who fail to meet the standards set by governments and legislators face monetary penalties, sanctions and settlements stretching into the billions of dollars.

The FINTEL (Fundamental AML) training program can help FIUs put the cornerstone of a durable and adaptable compliance regimen in place. The course covers:

  • the basic processes of laundering money;
  • general and business-specific money laundering typologies;
  • overviews of critical legislation and regulations that affect the day-to-day duties of staff members;
  • a snapshot of the terrorist financing and resourcing model;
  • basic principles for establishing a robust compliance strategy.

This course was developed by experienced compliance specialists with backgrounds in financial intelligence, law enforcement and international banking.

The FINTEL (Fundamental AML) training program can be implemented with the following components:

  • Textbook (digital and physical)
  • Seminar / webinar
  • Computer-based training (customisable and SCORM-compliant)


This learning program is eligible for continuous professional development (CPD) points from the International Compliance Association.

ICA Members can claim 12 CPD points after completing this course.

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