Correspondent Banking

Regulators around the world expect international banks to erect strong defences against money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption and financial fraud.

The most important weapon against financial crime is training, as informed staff can quash dangerous transactions and client relationships before they escalate into major events. In response to market demand, ManchesterCF has designed the FCT (Correspondent Banking) program for international financial institutions and financial intelligence units.

This training program is designed for correspondent banking sales, payments operations, risk management, audit and anti-money laundering compliance staff at financial institutions. Special emphasis is placed on recent regulatory actions against major international banks.

Case studies examine current themes in regulatory enforcement and how they impact the management of a successful correspondent banking business in an international marketplace.

Seminars for this program are lead by professional instructors with extensive correspondent banking experience.

The FCT (Correspondent Banking) program can be implemented with the following components:

  • Textbook (digital and physical)
  • Seminar / webinar
  • Examination
  • Multiple languages
  • Train-the-trainer programs


This learning program is eligible for continuous professional development (CPD) points from the International Compliance Association.

ICA Members can claim 12 CPD points after completing this course.

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