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ManchesterCF Analytics - Blissfully Ignorant

ManchesterCF Analytics – October 2018

Blissfully Ignorant

At a watering hole in the Toronto financial district, your correspondent met a hedge fund manager who spoke loudly about his success in China. After listening to a fantastic tale about the intricacies of financial brilliance, it became apparent that the hedge fund manager was an unwitting money launderer, completely unaware that the transactions involved were about skirting capital flight regulations in China under the guise of legitimate equity lending schemes and relied on the hedge fund manager’s complete ignorance of money laundering in capital markets.

ManchesterCF Analytics | September Analytics | What Not To Do

ManchesterCF Analytics – September 2018

What Not To Do

Every financial institution wants an answer to the question, “Is my anti-money laundering compliance training program effective?” The short answer is, “It’s hard to tell.” By definition, preventing financial crime does not produce quantifiable statistics upon which to calculate effectiveness. Despite the lack of metrics, based on over a decade of producing and implementing financial intelligence training, ManchesterCF can offer some simple hints on gauging whether a financial intelligence training program for a financial institution is heading in the right direction.

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