ManchesterCF Analytics is circulated to clients and industry professionals to provide insight into the complex world of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing. Our Analytics reports are frequently referenced in leading governance and regulatory publications and feature insights into, and analysis of, the latest trends in compliance and crime.

ManchesterCF Analytics – "Christmas!" – January 2018 Image

ManchesterCF Analytics – January 2018


A mere handful of people can cause tremendous financial and regulatory damage to a financial institution’s capital markets business. Setting a corporate culture of ethical behaviour through leadership by example and comprehensive training is not only a common-sense approach but one that will prevent a financial institution from sliding into problems that cost in excess of $100m.

ManchesterCF Analytics – June 2017

Terrorist Resourcing, Not Just Financing 

Government agencies, business corporations, small enterprises, not-for-profits, profit-motivated criminals, terrorist organisations, “stray dog” terrorists – all have the same fundamental challenge: they must obtain, organise, move and bring to bear the necessary resources to have the capabilities to carry out their objectives and to sustain themselves along the way.

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