AML Basics

The AML Basics training series from ManchesterCF was created to help financial institutions meet the legal requirement of providing financial crime training to all employees.

The consequences of non-compliance can mean reputational damage and enormous fines which can cripple otherwise healthy financial institutions. To avoid these risks, banks must be aware, not only of their cross-jurisdictional obligations, but of their region-specific legislative requirements as well.

Though a great deal can be learned from a global perspective about the ways in which criminals abuse the financial system, to truly address this problem, it is at the regional level where financial institutions must have the strongest defences.

To meet the demands of regulators, this affordable and engaging series shines a spotlight on the legal obligations financial institutions must adhere to in the following regions:

  • Canada (English and French)
  • United States (English)
  • United Kingdom (English)
  • United Arab Emirates (English and Arabic)
  • Europe (English, French and German)
  • Australia (English)
  • Japan (English and Japanese)
  • China (English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
  • Hong Kong (English and Traditional Chinese)
  • Singapore (English and Traditional Chinese)

This training series looks at money laundering methodologies through the use of case studies, sanitised examples and red flags. The national and international legal frameworks that are designed to limit terrorist financing are also explored. Further, the role of financial intelligence in fighting financial crime is discussed. Finally, the ways in which economic sanctions stem the financial flow of organised crime groups, terrorist networks and rogue nations are examined.

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