For financial institutions, public-sector agencies and multinational corporations.

ManchesterCF provides three streams of financial crime training. Each stream contains specific digital textbooks, computer-based training and examinations.

The Financial Crime Training (FCT) series from ManchesterCF provides line-of-business-specific training for financial institutions engaged in international banking.

The FINTEL series from ManchesterCF provides specialised training for financial intelligence units in both the public and private sectors.

The Corporate Compliance Training (CCT) series from ManchesterCF provides training to the risk management and compliance functions within multinational corporations.


Financial Crime Training Trade-Based Money Laundering Computer-Based Training Cover Image

ManchesterCF offers interactive computer-based training using case-based learning, scenarios and simulations to engage participants. Module design incorporates higher-order cognitive engagement and accommodates a variety of learning styles. All modules are built using e-learning authoring tools that can be published as SCORM and Tin Can compliant content. Our expertise is derived from solid experience in international banking, financial intelligence and compliance.




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