To combat money laundering, terrorist financing, proliferation financing, corruption & financial fraud

ManchesterCF provides three streams of financial crime training. Each stream contains specific digital textbooks, computer-based training and examinations.

The Financial Crime Training (FCT) series from ManchesterCF provides line-of-business-specific training for financial institutions engaged in international banking.

The FINTEL series from ManchesterCF provides specialised training for financial intelligence units in both the public and private sectors.

The Corporate Compliance Training (CCT) series from ManchesterCF provides training to the risk management and compliance functions within multinational corporations.


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FIU Connect from ManchesterCF is a package of online financial crime training modules for financial institutions, financial intelligence units and law enforcement. All modules include a digital textbook, computer-based training and examination. Subscribers to FIU Connect receive branded online financial crime training modules from ManchesterCF’s Financial Crime Training and FINTEL series.

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